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About ACE South Central

ACE South Central is just one of many regions that exist within ACE.

The ACE South Central Regional Representative is David Lipnicky. Scott Connor, Jason Knutson, Jeremy Murphy, and Jason McMillon are David's Assistant Regional Reps. All 5 members of the Regional Rep Team provide input and content for the web site. Jeremy Murphy is the webmaster and Jason Knutson provides technical and design assistance.
E-Update Policy

 - The South Central Regional Rep Team offers a FREE E-mail Update service called “E-Updates” to members its members. These updates cover late breaking regional and national ACE news, new features on, and may sometimes cover items in greater detail than what is allowed by space constraints of our quarterly newsletter. The following E-Update Policy and Procedures were developed by the ACE South Central Regional Rep Team based on feedback from parks, ACE’s Executive Committee, other regions, and our membership

 - To take advantage of this free service, one must:
  • Be a current ACE member in good standing.
  • Have Internet access
  • Have a valid E-mail address

Removal Procedures

    - This is an optional free service to all current members in good standing. To opt out of the E-Updates, Please visit the Removal Tool

    - The ACE South Central Regional Rep Team and the ACE Executive Committee retains the right to remove any E-mail address from the E-Update service for any reason (including -- but not exclusive to -- violations of ACE’s Code of Conduct; E-harassment of other ACE members, Parks, etc.; an expired membership; etc.).

    - While the Regional Rep Team retains the right to remove any E-mail address for any reason, the Team has developed some general guidelines regarding involuntary E-mail address removal:
  • An expired membership of greater than 60 days
  • Three E-Update bounce-backs (non-deliverable E-Updates) in a row
  • Harassment of parks or park employees (electronic or non-electronic)
Media Day Guidelines

This is the host park's event
    - Be prepared to meet the PARK's wishes

This is not an ERT event
    - There will be ride time, but there will be various delays for numerous reasons

Do NOT wear clothing from other parks
    - Clothing from the park the event is taking place at is fine (unless otherwise stated)
    - Normal non-park clothing is fine
    - ACE clothing is normally fine
    - Do NOT wear clothing with company or advertising logos

Make your comments POSITIVE
    - Although the rides will certainly thrill us, even the very best rides will not satisfy everyone. Therefore, even if it turns out you are not a fan of the ride, focus your comments on the positive aspects you may find.
    - Although I have never had to use it, I have this one ready if I cannot come up with anything specifically positive about a ride during a media day: "This ride should be a big hit with park visitors."

Follow all requests, instructions, and orders from Park Security and employees.

Follow all park rules. This includes the no camera rule unless it is specifically said to be okay by park management ahead of time. Ride operators are NOT park management and even if they say it is okay, you are still breaking park rules. Breaking park rules is a violation of ACE policies.

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