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Louisiana Roller Coasters
Operating  --   Defunct  --   Wood  --   Steel  --   All

Roller Coasters
 Batman: The Ride  Six Flags New Orleans  Relocated
 Big Dipper  West End Park  Operated
 Circle Coaster Dips  Gladstone Park  Operated
 Figure 8  Fair Park  Operated
 Figure 8  West End Park  Operated
 Figure 8  White City  Operated
 Galaxi  Fun Fair Park  Relocated
 Galaxi  Pontchartrain Beach  Relocated
 Gilbeau's Galaxi  Dixie Landin'  Operating
 Grey Fox  Pontchartrain Beach  Operated
 Jack Rabbit  City Park  Operated
 Jester  Six Flags New Orleans  SBNO
 Jet Star  Pontchartrain Beach  Operated
 Jr. Coaster  Lincoln Park  Operated
 Live Oak Ladybug  City Park Carousel Gardens  Operating
 Loop the Loop  White City  Operated
 Mega Zeph  Six Flags New Orleans  SBNO
 Miner Mike  Celebration Station  Operated
 Minor Mike  Celebration Station  Operating
 Muskrat Scrambler  Six Flags New Orleans  SBNO
 Racing Coaster  Fair Park  Operated
 Ragin' Cajun  Dixie Landin'  Operating
 Ragin' Cajun  Pontchartrain Beach  Relocated
 Road Runner's Express  Six Flags New Orleans  Relocated
 Scenic Railway  Fair Park  Operated
 Scenic Railway  Scenic Park  Operated
 Scenic Railway  West End Park  Operated
 Switchback Railway  West End Park  Operated
 Thunderail  Hamel's Park  Relocated
 Unknown  Hamel's Park  Operated
 Wild Maus  Pontchartrain Beach  Operated
 Wildcat  Pontchartrain Beach  Operated
 Wildcat  Pontchartrain Beach  Operated
 Xtreme  Dixie Landin'  Operating
 Zephyr  Pontchartrain Beach  Operated
 Zephyr Jr.  Pontchartrain Beach  Operated
 Zydeco Scream  Six Flags New Orleans  SBNO

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