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ACE Day At ZDT's Amusement Park

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Our ACE Day At ZDT's Amusement Park event was held on Sunday, November 8th. Over 65 ACE members and guests were in attandance.

The event started with check in. After checking in, we entered the park and were led back into the restricted area of Switchback for a group photos. Attendees were excited to go in the back area and get photos with the track up close.

After the behind the scenes photo time was over, we cleared the area so we could get our one hour of ERT on Switchback. The ride was running very well.

After an hour, the parks electric go karts opened for an hour of ERT. This track is a multi level indoor/outdoor track and is a lot of fun.

Once the park opened to the public, we headed in to the Turning Point indoor private events area. Danny gave everyone a bent marker from Switchback and explained what it was for. Sarah had a game set up for us. It started with four worksheets full of quizes, crosswords, trivia, and other tasks. We worked in teams of four to find the first two teams to complete the task. Those two teams then competed to name a coaster in the state of Texas within ten seconds of each other. The winning team received prizes.

After game time, we had lunch. The world famous ZDT's hot dogs, chips, drinks, and the equally famous fried oreos were on the menu.

After lunch, a raffle was held. We raised over $375 to donate to Sarah and Danny.

We want to thank Danny and Sarah and the entire ZDT's Amusement Park team for their incredible hospitality.

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